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First, let?s assume your body requires 2,000 calories per day to be in energy balance (calories consumed equal calories expended). Now let?s suppose you consumed a diet of 2,200 calories causing a 200 calorie per day surplus (positive energy balance). These extra 200 calories would be converted and stored as body fat. If this trend continued day after day you would gain 1 pound of body fat every 17.5 days and by years end you would have gained an extra 21 pounds.


HOW CAN THIS BE? Well here?s the formula - 1 pound of body fat equals 3,500 calories. (3,500 calories / 200 calories ?daily surplus? = 17.5 days to gain 1 pound) and (365 days ?1 year? / 17.5 days to gain 1 pound = 20.8 pounds gained annually).


On the other hand, if you were to reduce your calorie consumption by 200 calories less than the 2,000 calories required to be in energy balance you would lose 1 pound every 17.5 days or 21 pounds per year. However losing body fat is a little more complicated than gaining body fat.


Although it is true you will lose weight by simply reducing your calorie consumption. Calorie reduction alone is not the best method for weight reduction because the weight you lose will be comprised of both body fat and lean body tissue (muscle). Here in lies one of the problems of dieting without exercise. It is essential to maintain lean body tissue while reducing body fat. The most effective method of losing body fat and maintaining lean body tissue is through a combination of a reduced calorie diet (200 calories less than required to maintain energy balance) and a regular exercise program to increase energy expenditure (200 calories expended daily).  


By adopting a reduced calorie diet combined with regular exercise you will double your weight loss and maintain lean body tissue. This method of diet and exercise will greatly enhance results and is the most effective approach for overall weight management.


HERE?S HOW DIET AND EXERCISE WORK TOGETHER: Using our previous example of a 2,000 calorie energy balanced diet and reducing daily consumption by 200 calories you will be in a state of negative energy balance and therefore you would lose 1 pound every 17.5 days or a total of 21 pounds annually. Now let?s supplement an additional 200 calorie daily expenditure through moderate physical activity (exercise). By expending an additional 200 calories combined with the reduced consumption of 200 calories you will bring about a 400 calorie daily deficit. Using our previous formula: (3,500 calories / 400 calorie daily deficit = 8.75 days to lose 1 pound) and (365 days ?1 year? / 8.75 days = 42 pounds lost per year). Not only will exercise greatly reduce the time necessary to lose unwanted body fat you will promote the maintenance of lean body tissue.


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So how can you use this information to bring your body composition (body fat vs. muscle) within a normal range? The most effective method of losing weight is through a combination of diet and exercise. By reducing your daily calorie consumption and increasing your daily calorie expenditure you can realize significant weight loss.


Why is losing weight and maintaining a healthy body composition so elusive for many Americans?   The answer is energy balance!  

At the end of the day you are either in a state of positive or negative energy balance. Positive energy balance means you have consumed more calories than you expended throughout your day and negative energy balance means you consumed fewer calories than you expended throughout your day.

When you consume more calories than you expend you gain weight and when you consume less calories than you expend you lose weight.